Missing her and seeing how the keys on the entrance table tempted me, almost speaking to me, hypnotising me into walking up to them, grabbing my handbag and making me leave the house.

I ran down the stairs, thinking how positive a surprise visit is, smiling upon the afternoon ahead. Not even the heat of my non-air-conditioned car could subdue my excitement. I let my curls loose in the gusts of the open windows.

Unfazed, I ate up the kilometres with music, and upon arrival, it didn’t cross my mind that she wouldn’t be at home or that she had things to do, I pushed on the telecom firmly.

-It’s me, Valeria.
-Oh, what are you doing here? Come up, come up- She said as she pushed on the buzzer which opened the door. I went up the stairs, as always, composing myself, but noticing the toll of the summer on myself, as I reached the third floor slightly out of breath. -What a surprise!- she said at the end of the open hall.

-I felt like seeing you- I confessed as I got closer, noticing how the hall got longer and longer, My heart echoing against an imaginary wall. At last, I got to hug her, both of us smiling, It had been such a long time.

marta 1
-I’ve had a cold; I don’t want you to catch it- She warned me, confirming my theory that she looked a bit paler than often.- Sadly, I’ve got to go out in a while- she protested.- Sandra has to go out to eat with I don’t know who, and she wants me to go because it will be boring- she smiled maliciously.

-Don’t worry; it’s my fault for appearing without warning- I said trying to lighten the situation, but sad because I couldn’t spend the whole afternoon with her.

-You can help me put my make-up on.- I nodded as I followed her steps, walking into her house. – I’ve got to start getting ready, come and we’ll talk-. She said as we walked towards the bathroom. – What’s up?

-Nothing much…- I answered sincerely, as we left the living room, seeing a pile of dishes in the kitchen and an unmade bed in the bedroom.- Do you know what you are going to wear?

-Yes, I think, a typical black dress- She shrugged.

I entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet with the seat down, just observing her. We didn’t stop talking about projects we had; she opened the shower tap and began to get naked. Her small shape, small back and breasts, thin legs and perky bottom, were perfect. Although you could see her bones, she didn’t look like she needed to fatten up, her figure fit like a glove on her.
Top off; she slid her fingers to unhinge her bra, granting me vision from the reflection in the mirror, her precious minuscule pink nipples, smaller than mine, hard and perky. Her little tracksuit bottoms fell on her feet her knicker followed, in an instant, making her buttcheeks wobble, exposing her labia which blew me a kiss from behind, just as she entered the shower.

marta 2 on braga

marta 2I listened how she soaped up and remembered how often we had soaped each other, massaging creases and roundness with bubbles, cleansing areas, swiping our hands a few times to make sure everything was clean.
-Well, What are you going to do now?
-Perhaps, I’ll have a chance to pop round Tania and Brenda’s…

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  1. This is great what you do. works incredibly for the imagination … umm

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      Thanks so much!!! 😘😘😘

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. canallathor dice:

    Cómo me empalma, nena…. las piernas delgadas de marta, tu pelo rizado, oliendo a champú…vaya trío más tentador!!!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      Jajajajajaja, canalla… 😘

      Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      Muchísimas gracias!!!

      Me gusta

    1. Valeria dice:

      Síii, por eso estoy publicando menos, ya me es imposible a diario…, Espero que valga la pena, besitos!!!

      Me gusta

      1. Seguro que si, ánimo. Besos !

        Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      Hola Luis!!!! Pues la vida va tranquila, y la tuya?

      Me gusta

      1. byluis7 dice:

        Me alegro que estes bien!!

        Yo muy bien… 😊

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Valeria dice:

        Me alegra oírlo!!! Un besito fuerte 😘

        Me gusta


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