The more, the merrier.

-Look who I found at the door…- said Brenda returning to the terrace, letting the towel fall and getting into the pool.

-Hellooo…!- said Sandra, entering, followed closely by Marta who waved her hand.

-I thought you were having a business dinner?- I asked swimming up to the pool edge, holding myself up so I could be nosy.

Cuantas más, mejor 1

-Thank God, it was called off.- Marta cheered.

-Mmm…, you’re quite good at pool parties, aren’t you?- Sandra pointed out as she leaned to get a good look at my naked bottom under the water. -Clothes off…- She concluded.

They got undressed, throwing their clothes onto a sunbed. Their skin slowly became exposed, even white and delicious parts that don’t have the privilege of getting out in the sun so often. They got under the obliged shower; They trembled, and finally, they submerged into the refreshing pool with us.

-This is life! It’s nice to have wealthy friends….

– I’ll find a way you can repay me.- Stated Brenda, making us all hysterical.- It’s a shame Valeria’s boy couldn’t have come.

-He’s busy.

-He always is, you always find a way to get away with work-Said Sandra, deserving a dunk in the water. I went after her, but she violently defended herself, enduring my pushes and my pulling under the water while our bodies touched, and a small rough tide got into our mouths. We ended up exhausted and decided to go to the best place to relax, the pool stairway. Half our body out of the water and the other still inside. It was the perfect place to rest our bums and our elbows.

-You look like the stars in an Italian ad.

cuantas más mejor 2

-Uncensored.- I added as I looked at our naked bodies. Our nipples were shining above our agitated breast as a small pool filled up over our pubes when we closed our legs.

-You love splashing about in the pool, don’t you?- Sandra said to me when she noticed I was looking at my private little lake.

-And you love winding me up.

-You always take the bait…, and if I catch you, you taste nicer…

Gobsmacked, looking at her directly eternally; soaked in the sun; not knowing whether I should jump at her lips or keep being tough to make her beg for my kisses later. I schemed a master plan that would end up with her melting and me licking her up.

-Shall we order some food? I’m famished…- said Brenda- Unless you two are going to eat each other out now….

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  1. I was thinking that “better” sounds better than merrier. It even sounds different, unless you are using European English instead of North American English.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      It’s a saying, haven’t you heard it before? It sounds different because it’s more enphatic.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

    2. But today I have learned something new, thanks to you.

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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